Legal Stuff

It is expressly forbidden to copy and share photographs from this site without permission in writing from myself Andrea Parr. It is expressly forbidden to alter or adjust any image and claim it as the work of any other person.

It is expressly forbidden to copy and paste or reconstruct or pass off as the work of somebody else or reproduce in part or whole for any purpose any of the text within the blog posts without written permission from Andrea Parr who holds the intellectual copyright to all written content on this blog.

Copying Designs

I love to inspire and so please feel free to copy and share my designs. I would appreciate it though if you did acknowledge me as the inspiration for the project by sharing a link to my blog or website. I will also do the same when I am taking inspiration from another crafter. It's common decency, a resource thankfully not yet depleted.

Free Patterns and Tutorial PDFs

I produce patterns and PDF tutorials which are available for download and are contained in the Documents section of the Crafty Little Things website. I may at times include these in my blog posts. I am happy for these to be downloaded and used for classes or personal use but do ask that they are not replicated or shared digitally. Please refer anyone wishing to have their own copy to my website to download. Besides giving me an indication of which patterns and tutorials are popular it also allows everybody to have the most up to date version which is likely to contain several updates and amendments from the original version. These documents are copyrighted to myself and as such should not be copied in whole or in part or passed off in whole or in part as the work of anyone other than myself. When using a pattern or tutorial for a demonstration either in person, in a blog post or an instructional video please link back to myself as the source of the download.

Paid for Patterns and Tutorial PDFs

I do produce paid for patterns and tutorials which are downloads in my shop. The same applies to these as above.


All thoughts, opinions and reviews shared within this blog are my own and are not sponsored or endorsed by any company or any third party. All items used are bought by myself and are not gifted by any third party for the purpose of promoting them on my blog.

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