Wednesday, 10 July 2019

Keeping Things Together

Sometimes it's good to break things up and breathe new life into them but it's also good in this increasingly busy world to consolidate some things and minimise the amount of time we have to spend doing something, especially when that something is a hobby or a luxury (or both).

So since beginning the closing down of Crafty Little Things as a business I've considered which elements of it I want to keep and carry on with as my hobby, given that my business sprang from a hobby in the first place it seems natural to return to that. I don't think I could cope with the stress of life without my creative hobbies to refresh me. It would be easy to perhaps close down everything and return to just crafting for crafting's sake and not share anything I make or do with the world other than on my personal Facebook page as I used to. However, I've really come to enjoy the community of crafters on various platforms and I do love crafty challenges, sharing hauls, finding out about sales and bargains and participating in swaps. I love all of  that and don't want to let go of it. So...

...I've decided to keep this blog going although it will now also feature other crafts I might have a go at from time to time and not just papercraft. I'm also going to keep my You Tube channel which has always had a crafty theme but been more ecclectic anyway in terms of what I share there and I'm going to keep my Crafty Little Paper Things Facebook page although it's now been rebranded to just Crafty Little Things as I will also be sharing other crafts on there in the future. My Instagram account remains as is except for my new logo and I'm going to be updating my Crafty Little Things Twitter account too. So even though I'm no longer a Stampin' Up! demonstrator I'm still going to be around and still using Stampin' Up! and sharing my purchases and my projects because I love to do it. My website will be going which is a shame but it's not essential now I won't be selling anything.

I'm really hoping to find time to take part in more card making challenges in the coming months and to carry on with some scrapbooking which I started but didn't get too far with so watch out for those. It's an exciting time for me, even though it's been hectic relocating, preparing for a new job, closing down my business but still putting time enough into it to make ends meet for a few weeks but I'm nearly there with all of that and normal life will soon be resumed.

Thank for sticking with me!

Andrea x


  1. I'm so glad you'll still be around and crafting and sharing with us. Wishing you lots of happiness and success as you move into this new stage of your life xx


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