Monday, 20 May 2019

Everything is Rosy

Actually it is at the moment, with life in general and in my crafty life too because I just received my first Stampin' Up! product medley and it is bloomin' gorgeous!

I have had the odd kit here and there from Stampin' Up! usually from the clearance rack when the price is so low purchasing just isn't a decision. But when I spotted these new product medleys which they've launched this month I just couldn't resist because it all looked so much more than the usual kit. It did have a healthy price tag but even so as a demonstrator with a discount it kind of made it more justifiable especially considering what was included. Even without the discount it was very reasonable as I found out when I opened it up.

I do have an unboxing video which is live on my You Tube channel which you can go and check out for all of the details about what's included and if you want one just get in touch with me or your usual demonstrator.

So far so good with using it. It's all just so easy. One of my favourite things about Stampin' Up! is the ease of coordination and this first product medley made that coordination even easier, these are great for a beginner, as a gift or for someone who wants to make a matching set of cards or gift packaging for a specific event or occasion or just to have on hand to dish out to family and friends throughout the year.

Stampin' Up! has said that they will be sending us more product medleys which are exclusive to Stampin' Up!, available for a very limited period only and on sale to demonstrators and customers at the same time (usually demos can get in there first to get to know the new products but with the medleys everyone has access at the same time). There is no schedule for release of these sets of gorgeousness so as soon as we know when the next one is available we'll be sure to share it with our customers.

Have a great day and thank you for dropping in.

Andrea x

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