Thursday, 25 April 2019

I'm Back and Everything is Rosy!

At last I've made a work/craft space all my own and have almost everything unpacked and in place. I am going to make a capsule craft room video at some point so watch out for that, don't hold your breath though as it could take longer to get around to than I hope.

I don't know about you and your experiences of house moving and crafting but since I moved house I'm just not feeling 'at home' with my craft space. I have huge urges to craft and then just don't feel right when I sit at my desk. I've decided that the best way to remedy this and the best way to feel comfortable in my new space is to get crafting in it and so that's the plan for the next few days.

There's been so much going on that I've tried to keep up to date with. Stampin' Up! has launched its new annual catalogue for Demonstrators' eyes only at the moment, other than the front cover which I'm happy to share with you. as it does give some sneak peeks of what's to come.  To be honest I've only had a flick through and not had chance to really delve into it.  I have seen from the internet though that it's caused a little bit of a stir this one as some of the key papercrafting tools have been withdrawn from the catalogue and not replaced with any alternative... yet. Stampin' Up! assure us that they will be offering a new paper trimmer and embossing/die cutting machine in the not too distant future. I'm excited to see what the new products are like. We can only assume that they will be an improvement on anything currently on the market or else why bother with design and production? So look out for news on those.

Of course one of the main sticking points for customers and demonstrators alike is that the replacement blades for the trimmer are also gone from the new catalogue and there's no advice forthcoming on where to buy them direct. This makes the trimmer useless once your current blades have all run down. Some are saying that this is unfair especially on people who just bought a trimmer and now can't get blades for it, let alone those of us who have had our money's worth from it. Even that's subjective, when we buy a good quality piece of kit with replaceable parts we may expect to get many years of use out of it.  Besides this demonstrators are raising the point that if they have to use a different tool to demonstrate with, their customers will go off and buy what they are using rather than wait for Stampin' Up! to come up with an alternative. They also worry that when the alternative is available it's going to be hard to sell it to customers who may have already bought the now obsolete one and who have had to replace it with something else. We shall see what happens. Change is never easy but it's often good. Perhaps all of this angst will be wasted when something amazing appears from Stampin' Up! in the future. That dream product doesn't happen if nobody tries something new.

Another big item to go as I mentioned already is the Big Shot machine and all accessories. Again people are not happy that they can no longer buy their accessories from Stampin' Up! For demonstrators these are obviously sold at a discount, so even though they can go elsewhere the cost factor may make this decision one that is hard to swallow. As with the trimmer, demonstrators may have to use a different machine to demo with and so their customers may buy that and not want to buy the new platform which Stampin' Up! is going to be bringing out at some point.

Demonstrators really have no idea what is coming to replace these items or when anything is coming, it's not a secret we're keeping from customers, we really don't know and for some that is frustrating. Let's just look at it as an opportunity for something brand new to come to market and wait until we see before we become too disheartened. For me this happened at the perfect time as you'll see in an upcoming unboxing video. Don't forget that the Big Shot is a Sissix machine and is available at other outlets and from Sissix direct as are all of the accessories.

There are lots of new things in the upcoming catalogue, some very pretty papers and stamps as well as gorgeous embellishments and trims and at least one punch which I'm excited to get my hands on.  I love the way the new catalogue is laid out inside too and hope my customers will like it. If you would like a paper copy of the catalogue then please do let me know. If you have bought from me in the past 6 months I'll be sending one to you free anyway but if not then you will have to request one by being on my list and I will be charging £5 for each catalogue requested by somebody who hasn't shopped with me in the past 6 months to cover the cost of the catalogue to me and the cost of P&P. You can message me or email me for more details at

So now the bad news is out of the way let's look at the good. I hear that the Stampin' Up! subscription kit box Paper Pumpkin is coming to the UK for the first time. I'll give you more info on that when I have it. Also Stampin' Up! are launching a new concept called Product Medleys. These are kits of coordinating product which have been inspired by demonstrator feedback and will be available for short periods of time through the year (no dates set in stone for us yet) and on a limited stock basis, so first come first served. The first medley is available to customers from 1st May until 31st May 2019 and is also available to demonstrators for the same period. This means that it will be hard going for demonstrators to prepare classes and promotions without having the kit in advance of it going live for sale to customers. Usually demonstrators can purchase new items a month or so in advance of the public launch which gives time to prep some projects and show off the products to customers who may be interested in buying when the launch opens up. This also means that some demonstrators may not manage to get a kit at all if they sell out quickly and are in high demand. Some feel this is a hindrance to their businesses like the other things already mentioned but it doesn't need to be. Some customers like to see the product in action in the hands of their demonstrator before purchasing so may hold back and besides, many people buy products and don't use them  until inspired by a demonstration so we can still inspire customers to use the lovely goodies they buy themselves. Besides this I think it's exciting for customers and demos to get their hands on something at the same time and for us to hear back from customers what they think of an actual product rather than a concept.

The first kit is detailed below and is a floral theme called Everything is Rosy. It's so pretty. This kit is not available as separate components and can only be purchased as a whole bundle and is not available in any of the Stampin' Up! catalogues.  If you would like any more information then Stampin' Up! has made a video to go along with the other promotional materials. Remember this can't be ordered until 1st May 2019.

So that's all from me today. Quite a round up and I have lots to catch up on and lots of filming to do so head over and subscribe to my You Tube channel so you keep up with those. 

Thank you for bearing with me while I've been busy with the move, it's been quite hectic but definitely worth it.

Have a great run in to the weekend.

Andrea x

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