Friday, 4 January 2019

Money Saving Tips - Stampin' Up! Goodies on Resale

I do love to share tips on how to get current Stampin' Up! goodies for less and one of the ways I harp on about is to use resale sites. I'm sharing my most recent resale haul in this video.

I kind of steer away from Ebay as prices can be insane and you are never sure if the items are being sold legally ie in line with Stampin' Up! policy or not. I tend to prefer to buy from the online community of demonstrators and ex demonstrators as well as customers who are looking to destash.

As a general rule of thumb a current product can only be sold on any resale site if it is being sold by a non-demo, so a regular customer or a demonstrator who has resigned or dropped from Stampin' Up! As there are people dropping and destashing and resigning all of the time it is quite an active market but it is also one in high demand so current product tends to be swept up pretty quick so you need to be on the ball.

If you know a demonstrator who is leaving, ask them for first dibs on anything they are going to be selling. Some who start off as demonstrators with Stampin' Up! purely as a business venture tend to sell everything when they leave. It does have a pretty good resale price ticket so does hold value pretty well compared to some other brands so you will be lucky to get any Stampin' Up! items at really rock bottom prices but you will find good discounts if you're lucky.

Also ask customers you know who are having a destash or declutter if they're selling anything current and pop your mark on it early. Other than that just be vigilant and watch out for things. There are specific resale groups on social media but some of the most active selling platforms are hidden away in papercrafting groups, some of which are not Stampin' Up! exclusive so you may miss them. Top tip is to sign up and participate in groups not only because it's great to be a part of the community online but so you know when there are goodies coming up for sale.

The Joy of Sets has a market place album and so does Positively Papercraft and the latter has current Stampin' Up! items in it for sale right now.

I look at it this way... if I have a budget for my business or for my hobby and I have a wish list of products then if I can buy a couple of those at a great discount it leaves me more to spend with brand new items from the catalogues. It's a win win situation.

I do find that often resale items are particularly well looked after. A lot of Stampin' Up! demonstrators and customers see their stash as a collection and an investment and much of it can be thought of as a considered purchase and for that reason the goodies are lovingly taken care of and so usually come in excellent, even new or nearly new condition.  Also you find labels and stickers already attached and often find die sets come labelled up on magnetic sheets already which is an absolute bonus.

I've shared my latest haul of resale purchases in this video to highlight the savings, I've managed to purchase everything in the video for way less than half catalogue price.

I hope you find it helpful and think of it as not only adding to your collection but helping a fellow crafter to declutter too.

Have a great weekend.

Andrea x

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