Monday, 28 January 2019

Excellent Service - Button Mystery Solved

Recently I wrote a tongue in cheek post about mystery buttons I received in place of some Saleabration brochures. The post was an accompaniment to my recent Stampin' Up! haul video where I show off my latest fab goodies and update on the then current situation with stock.

Well as usual Stampin' Up! came through with excellent customer service. After a couple of days they responded to my gripe and whilst it is still open to speculation how the unfortunate error occurred I now have Saleabration brochures to send to my eagerly awaiting new customers. What's more I get to keep the buttons so can send them out as freebie samples as they are too small for me to use. I have fine motor dexterity issues these days. The tiny buttons were a stark reminder of that.

I won't go into detail on other issues which were remedied with the same order but the outcome was as it always is from customer services...excellent.

If you have any issues with a product or an order always raise it with Stampin' Up! or your demonstrator who will help resolve the problem. Companies, much like people, learn from mistakes and they can save waste and money by having issues pointed out to them as well as have opportunity to demonstrate their integrity when it comes to customer satisfaction as in this situation.

There is no point complaining if you don't include the person who can put things right in the communication of that complaint and give them a chance to shine and show how much the customer is valued and how much a premium service matters to them.

Furthermore I decided to buy some of the Needlepoint Nook goodies to give to my customers as a thank you for shopping with me this month to go along with the buttons. It all comes good in the wash as we say up North.

Thanks for dropping in, have a great week!

Andrea x


  1. Please, NO MORE about your buttons and catalogues and how SU stuffed up. SU and you are now friends again - great. I, frankly, was appalled as a follower of yours to read your scathing comments on your blog. I did not need to hear this. Thank you and bye.

    1. I didn't realise you were a follower of mine Mary-Ann as I've never noticed a comment on any of my posts before, posts where I mostly express my love for the SU brand and service. I am an honest consumer and a business woman and I give my honest opinions. I am sure you value this given that you have given your honest opinion of me and my blog posts in your comment. Some people may find your outrage unfounded given that I wrote this post to show how wonderful customer service is and to advise anyone with a problem to raise it and have it dealt with as I did rather than just simply gripe. If you are appalled by me being a human being and doing what I do then you perhaps understand my being appalled by the service I received, after all you don't pay me to write blog posts or share my ideas and work, I do pay for the service I was not satisfied with. If you do not want to hear the outcome of the complaint then that's your prerogative of course, you could have skipped by this highly complimentary post which shows that my complaint was handled most favourably. I could have just left it unsaid, I could have not followed my post about my disappointment as a customer and demonstrator up with this wonderful outcome and resolution but that in my opinion would have been unfair. It is perhaps better you don't visit my blog again if it upsets you so much. If I am not happy with something or confused by something I say so as do you, I have no idea why you have a right to a negative opinion on something or somebody but I don't. However, that's something I am not going to lose sleep over. Good day to you x


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