Sunday, 28 October 2018

Christmas Card 2018 #16

I think I'm right in saying this is card number 16 which I'm popping into the Joy of Sets Great Christmas Card Challenge 2018 Album.

I continue to impress myself with my devotion to dropping a card in there each week since the lovely Fiona opened the album up.

This week I went with all Stampin' Up! for my card using the All Is Bright Suite from the Autumn Winter 2018 catalogue.

I do love this fun set and instead of buying the Christmas only version of the stamp set I went with the all seasons/all occasions version. I show it off a bit in the tutorial which you can access HERE.

I really love this card, it's simple yet requires a fair bit of work to assemble. The colours of Red, White and Green really resonate with the traditionalist in me and they are super vibrant shades, but at the same time this card is very modern and contemporary and I love that about it too.

I won't say how many more Sundays there are until Christmas but let's just say there are not many more opportunities for me to pop a card in the album left.

Why not pop some of your Christmas card creations into the Joy of Sets album and share what you love and inspire others with your creativity?

Have a great Sunday.

Thanks for dropping in today.

Andrea x


  1. Replies
    1. They're just great, I thought I'd get more life out of this set than the other similar one.

  2. Great Card - love the added sparkle from the tinsel!!!

    1. Thank you. There's always space for some tinsel or jingle bells at Christmas :D

  3. Gorgeous Card Andrea - this is a great little set. I am nick-naming you Queen of the Christmas Album because you have stuck with it each week. Go grab a sweet out of the jar Xx

    1. I've loved challenging myself to add at least one a week. I have a lovely little stash of cards, have learned a few ways to improve my card making and have used some amazing products, including some 'new to me' brands.


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