Monday, 3 September 2018

Christmas Card Number 8

I'm still going strong on these Christmas cards and have managed to put one a week into the Joy of Sets album since it was opened.

I've had a channel rethink with my You Tube and from now on my card making is all going to be shared over the weekend with Sundays being the day I'll share my Joy of Sets Christmas card only. Saturdays I'll be sharing other cards, challenges and sketches as well as any scrapbooking I've done and on Wednesdays I will share a 3D papercraft project.

I'll be able to keep a track of things a lot better this way and hopefully get ahead of myself. I will from time to time (like right now) run a mini series of back to back video tutorials and blog posts which may be cards, or 3D projects or could even be crochet or other craft related. They will always run from a Wednesday and will last 5 or 7 episodes.

Mondays are going to be given over purely to crochet projects and Fridays will be my haul, review and how to day. If I've nothing to share in a particular week then Fridays will be a day off.

This will mean that my subscribers will know when to expect what and it will give me days off on Tuesday, Thursday and possibly Friday which will make uploading more manageable and I should be able to get ahead of myself.

So my card for this Sunday was this beautifully simple Cherry Cobbler and White card which I used up a good few scraps to make. I used the sentiment from the Better Together stamp set and I picked up the die on the internet from an unbranded site.

I should have a good stash of cards by Christmas at this rate.

Have a great week.

Andrea x

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