Wednesday, 8 August 2018

Gift Wallet With Popper Closure

I got a new gadget to help me with some sewing projects but then I thought.. hmm I wonder if this works on paper? Well you know what it does! It even works on good quality cardstock. This could be the answer to the magnet problem (I feel bad using magnets).

So I had made a gents gift box for some expensive silk handkerchiefs that his wife had bought him and demonstrating a similar one I thought I'd use the popper tool. On the real product the band was a faux leather but the tool worked just as well on the ribbon as it had on the other fabric.

This is a really easy little concertina style wallet so it expands to make it easy to extract what's inside and increases the capacity against a similar box with fixed sides.

There's  a tutorial for this on my You Tube channel so if you want measurements and instructions head there.

Thanks for dropping in.

Andrea x

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