Sunday, 6 May 2018

My First Time

This was my first attempt at a waterfall technique and I did OK so I filmed the second attempt having learned a few lessons about my design and how to put together a mini album and the second attempt was not as good at the first!

Just goes to how you can't always rely on practice to make you perfect, however I'm sure that will come if I ever go for a third go.

I enjoyed making this, lots of cutting and stamping and sticking but that could be cut down a little if DSP was used instead of self stamping.

I more or less followed the tutorial by Mixed Up Craft  but had a mishap or two especially towards the end. But still I produced a fabulous looking and fully functional waterfall album and what is more I filmed it.

So if you want to see someone trying something for more or less the first time and not getting it all quite right first time then be my guest over on the Crafty Little Thngs channel

Here's a sneak peek below but the full version is available by CLICKING THIS LINK.

Enjoy the weather and the bank holiday!

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