Saturday, 12 May 2018

Baby Block Gift Boxes

These cute nursery building block alphabet gift boxes are adorable and so useful for a whole list of applications.

They can be used as gift boxes, packaging for hand made baby items (what I use them for), keep sake boxes, baby shower favour boxes, cup cake boxes, photo props or just to decorate a nursery as safe accessories on a shelf or dresser.

They are super simple to make and the variations on them are innumerable when it comes to switching out the panels, the colours, adding in pattern and more.

I've not seen these anywhere else but can't imagine I'm the first person to have this idea but if I am then I'm good with that. So for my part I'm taking these as my design. 

There is a You Tube tutorial which you can access by CLICKING HERE and you can shop for the materials and equipment used by dropping into my online store by CLICKING HERE.

I also made an additional video to show how you can create an embossed minimalist effect using the letters. For that video click HERE and the example from the demonstration is the pink faceted block in the photos.

Enjoy the photos and yes, I made the soft toy props too!

Have a great weekend. Thank you for dropping in.

Andrea x

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