Sunday, 29 April 2018

Stop Motion - New Skills

I set myself a new challenge this past week and that was to make a project using just card stock and washi tape... and a sentiment.

I bought this fab washi tape from Stampin' Up's clearance rack and in an unboxing video I made I vowed to use it to create something more or less as a stand alone.

Well I did that and when making it I decided to also set myself another challenge and that was to have a go at making a stop motion video. I've sped up video before in a time lapse kind of fashion but I've never done stop motion before where you take a shot, move something, take a shot, move something and on it goes.

It's not very good but it's my first effort and so I've done a lot of learning already and so my next effort will be better. There are parts I'm really pleased with and I've just loved getting a whole tutorial into one minute... just for fun.

These little videos will be great to use on Instagram and other social media alongside longer chatty tutorials and I like to offer a variety to keep things on their toes.

So anyway it's at the end of this  post if you want to take a look.

Why not have a go at building a new skill yourself this week. It's always time well spent. Have a great week.

Andrea x

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