Saturday, 16 December 2017

Beanies For Ben

 I know this is not a  paper craft post but I wanted to share it here anyway as I know a lot of we crafting folk are multi-crafters.

Sadly a few days ago my 18 year old nephew Ben passed away due to complications arising from undiagnosed diabetes. Ben's last Facebook status was an appeal to everyone he knew to help him collect up items for the homeless through his involvement with a local community group. As he didn't get to finish this work which mattered so much to him, we as a family have carried on what Ben started and my contribution included making a pile of simple beanie hats to donate, using up yarn left over from other projects and the scrap stash.

I thought it would be a great tribute to Ben if I wrote up the simple pattern I used and shared it as a free download and as a video tutorial with the crochet and crafting communities and encouraged other crocheters to make a hat or two wherever they are and donate it to a local cause for the homeless this winter or if you're in a warm location to consider making some small ones for use in neo-natal units.

If you would like to make one and send it directly to Ben's cause then that's possible just email me for the address.

Naturally we are devastated by Ben's death but it gives us some comfort to carry on the spirit of giving that Ben exampled. Doing something positive is keeping my sister going at this time of intense sadness and grief.

Thank you for downloading this pattern and sharing this post.

Andrea x 

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