Saturday, 2 December 2017

100 Cards in 15 Minutes!? Christmas Cheer Challenge Update

Today was the day when we held our Christmas Cheer Challenge event as part of the Stampin' Up! initiative to have UK crafters make thousands of cards this weekend to raise money for Ronald Macdonald Houses Charity.

We set out to make 100 cards in a speed challenge lasting just FIFTEEN minutes.

We had a few people drop out of our original number so we were up against it. We had two events happening simultaneously and we linked together by Skype. We did record it ... or rather we thought we did but I hadn't pressed record on the camera I'd been recording the whole set up and when I thought I'd hit record I'd actually stopped recording. BUT, all is not lost because fortunately I did have my overhead camera that I use for tutorials rolling. So there is a little video showing at least what I did on my You Tube channel right now, which you can access via THIS LINK.

I personally made TWENTY cards in the allocated time, which was some going and with everyone else's contributions we made a final total of 101! Some novices who have never crafted before made 6 cards in that time which was great. Lots of fun was had, especially before and after the challenge when we all sat together to make the envelopes for the cards and to use up the extra materials prepared to make a few more cards to put on top.

There are still so many events going on this weekend and so many have taken place either in their entirety or part one or two is done and part three is coming on Sunday.  It's so exciting taking part in this event and so rewarding to give something back by doing something we love.

I can't wait for the final tally and to find out if Stampin' Up! managed to rally the community to hit that huge target.

Thank you to everyone who took part, who spurred me on to create the card, to choose the final design (which had to be adapted but still stayed true to the theme) and who just encouraged us today and for the great team headed by Paula Gorry at Stampin' Up! for all of their hard work behind the scenes.

Have a great weekend!

Andrea x

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