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Stampin' Up! Card Kits - What Can Be Included?

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I've been making and selling kits for various crafts including papercrafting for some time  but have recently checked out what Stampin' Up! rules on this are as I've received conflicting advice.  I found out some useful information which I thought I'd share. Not only so other demonstrators can consider adding kits to their offering but also so that customers understand how kits must be made up.

I did consult Stampin' Up! demonstrator support to get advice and you can do the same if you're unsure. However the most important things to be aware of are below as quoted from Stampin' Up! EU Compliance, a pretty reliable source...

"Demonstrator-Produced Kits
If a demonstrator is creating project kits—whether they be card kits or any other project kit, they should be careful to avoid purchasing more merchandise than needed for the kits and causing a stockpile of merchandise.
In addition, demonstrators should make sure they follow these guidelines as they build their kits:

·         Kit contents must be consumable; they cannot include stamp sets, full-size ink pads, or any products that, if not sold, could be returned to Stampin’ Up!
·         Kit contents cannot contain Stampin’ Up! products in its original packaging.
·         Kit contents, such as cardstock or paper, cannot include any pre-stamped Stampin’ Up! images.

Demonstrators should keep in mind that once they purchase Stampin’ Up! products and create their own packaged kit with those products, they have created their own product in a sense and the products are no longer Stampin’ Up! products. As a result, demonstrators cannot return those items to Stampin’ Up! for a refund or exchange under any circumstances. Please see page 25 of the Demonstrator policies for more information.

Demonstrator Classes
When preparing classes, slightly different policies apply. A policy reminder which was posted on the 18th of October under the Weekly Updates section of the demonstrator website states:

If the kit is for a class, where you collect registration fees in advance, you may include a stamp set (or other products) in the price of your fee and order them in advance to be delivered at the class. [But not online classes see below]

·         Classes (online classes excluded):
o   If your kits are being prepared for classes where you already received registration fees, non-consumable items are allowed to be added.

·         Online classes :
o   You are allowed to host online classes where your customers can pay for the kit and for your class. The purchase of non-consumables however has to be done via the standard ordering process and thus cannot be included in the kit. They have to be sold separately from the kit and the class.

When is a "buy now" button, or shopping cart, on a personal website appropriate?
Demonstrators may currently include an option to purchase directly from their website for tutorials, for projects or classes only.

It is very important to remember that you cannot have a Buy now button for your class if the price includes non-consumables, regardless of the type of class. All non-consumables have to be bought via the standard ordering process, have that product shipped to you (or directly to your customer if she chooses to order via your DBWS) so you can package it with the cut and prepared products to make the project during the class and ship the whole thing to your customers"
(EU Compliance Team, October 2017) 
Hope you found this useful advice. 

Happy kit making!

Andrea x

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