Monday, 6 November 2017

Crafty Fayre Ideas - #2 Cute Little Roll Bag for Tea Lights

Day two of our seven day craft fayre series and today we have this cute little tealight roll type gift bag. It's so cute and simple to make and what's more it's a real buster for those off cuts.

It holds 5 standard sized tealights but dimensions are easy to change. I've made it with a magnet closure and also a simple ribbon tie and also with a scallop punch wrap around closure. You can choose whichever way you like to close this little bag up, there are endless options and I'm just hoping to inspire your creativity with a basic design for you to add your own stamp on.

In my video tutorial (Click here for that) I demonstrate a few different ideas.

For the main bag all you need is a 7 x 4 inch piece of DSP for the 5 tealight size, it does work with cardstock but is harder to shape so I prefer DSP.

In addition to this you need 2 punched or die cut circles each measuring 1 3/4 inches in diameter.

You also need a strip of DSP or cardstock for the handle but you could use twine or ribbon or even lace for this.

If you do choose to use magnets you will need small circles of DSP to cover the magnets and if you want to add a belly band or ribbon you will need to include this in your list of supplies. The one I make in the video has a Velcro closure.

You can add an embellishment/sentiment if you wish and you can use DSP or cardstock to decorate the finished bag however you choose.

You can leave the handle off and just use this standing on its side as a cute little tea light dispenser too.

These are cute and eye catching and easy for people to pop a few of into their bag at a craft fayre. You can Christmas theme them if you choose and it's lovely to include scented tea lights to get a really attractive aroma going around your craft stall.

To protect them for transport I'd suggest having little cellophane bags or wraps ready with ties to keep them perfect for your customers until they get them home.

Hope this gives you some inspiration.

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Andrea x
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