Tuesday, 7 November 2017

Craft Fayre Ideas #3 Gift Wallets

This is number three in our series of seven easy craft fayre ideas and they are always very popular especially if you make a good selection of sizes and colours. Our You Tube tutorial is available by clicking HERE.

These cute wallets are perfect for craft fayres as they make ideal ways to give gift cards or money for Christmas or any occasion come to that. We'd suggest making some that are Christmas themed and some which are generally themed that may come in handy for other occasions. Customrs who see the potential as a fab way to give money or a gift card may grab a couple of non Christmas ones to stash for birthdays and such so don't miss out on that opportunity by making only Christmas themed ones. Also remember that not everyone celebrates Christmas there are other religious festivals at this time of year so don't forget those.

You can also take orders (cash up front) and post on wallets which have been customised with names. Have a few examples on your stall to show customers and think of common names in your area which you could use to even sell your demonstration pieces. Remember to have some which are suitable for gifting to males too, don't overload on ribbons and lace.

They're so easy to make, and again can be made using off cuts keeping your costs low and are really easy for customers to pick a few of up and carry around with them and that's what people like to be able to do at craft fayres. Nobody likes to be inundated with arms full of stuff so the easier to pop into a bag the better, do offer a protective bag to your customers, a cellophane card bag will do, it just keeps your product in great condition and shows you go that extra mile in customer care and professionalism.

These can be made in any size and the basic principle is exactly the same, watch our video tutorials on You Tube to see how to make the two different sizes shown below.

I hope you enjoy making these and that they draw people into your stall.

Happy crafting and I'll be back tomorrow with another even more easy idea which costs pennies to put together and is a fab seller.

Andrea x

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  1. I could see these could be very useful! I have a ton of 'bits' in the bit box lol Thanks for sharing! x

  2. They really are useful for taking care of bits and bobs that you have left over and just make gorgeous little gifts. Glad you like them x


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