Saturday, 7 October 2017

World Card Making Day

It's here! Today 7th October is officially World Card Making Day. It's when the world goes crazy and makes cards!

If you've not made a card today then shame on you. Only joking, it's no biggy but there is still time it's only 2pm (as I write) so why not grab some paper or card, some scissors, a bit of glue, a punch or some pre cut stickers and make a card. Especially if you have little ones around.

Papercrafting is such a fun activity for any age, any gender and really does allow you to be creative and to take away some of the stress of life by just ignoring it and indulging yourself in some good old sticking and gluing.

Kids love it and it's a great way not only to keep them occupied on a dull cold day but also to talk to them and bond with them while you have them away from TVs and laptops and phones. Kids of all ages love to craft and even teenagers can be enticed in, I've seen it happen and there is no better time to find ways to actually talk to your children than when they are teenagers, trust me.

So in celebration of World Card Making Day why not grab what you can and make something? Everyone loves to receive a hand made card, a little thank you for when mum or dad get back from work if you're looking after grandchildren or nieces and nephews. A card to pop to grandparents over the weekend, a thank you for a wonderful teacher or one to send to a loved one miles away or even to pop on the grave of a loved one who has passed on. Cards can really make someone's day so why not make someone's day this weekend?

Here is a little gathering of cards I've made in recent weeks to show you the versatility of that simple little piece of paper in an envelope which has brought smiles to the faces of millions of people for hundreds of years.
A card to offer support through a difficult time

This card was made on World Card Making Day, it's perfect for someone who's not doing too good

This card is perfect for someone who loves to craft, just to remind them to make time for doing what they love

A card which says whatever you want it to say...
A card to show appreciation

One to celebrate the blessing of a new arrival
A card to offer congratulations
Christmas cards are always better when hand made
Missing someone? Send them a card
Spooky cards filled with sweets

Nothing better than a gorgeous hand made card for a friend 'just because'

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Have a great weekend and if you do make a card and pop it on Instagram or Facebook please #craftylittlethingsuk so I can see it.

Andrea x

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