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What is Stampin' Up! DSP? The low-down and special offer.

Better grab it while you can! The fantastic Stampin' Up! DSP is on offer, at least a lot of it is. DSP to those how may not know is Designer Series Paper and comes in packs/stacks of different designs exclusive to Stampin' Up! Packs are released several times throughout a Stampin' Up! year, most notably:

  • with the annual catalogue launched in June each year sees all DSP change (this means retiring stacks are usually at knock down prices and throughout the year retired stacks are available at cut prices on the Clearance Rack)
  • with the two seasonal catalogue supplements in January and September each year (Spring/Summer and Autumn/Winter) each have DSP stacks which are not in the main catalogue
  • during Saleabration (a Stampin' Up! promotional period usually Jan to March each year) there may be exclusive DSP stacks on offer as freebies in the promotion
DSP packs from Stampin' Up! are usually named and the designs are created using colours from the current Stampin' Up! palette of 50 colours. DSP which features retiring In-Colours retires by 1st June each year so you would not be able to buy DSP featuring those retiring colours again after this point, so if there is a colour or design you love and it's due to retire (eg 2017/18 In colours and everything associated with those colours will retire by 1st June 2018) then stock up while you can.

DSP comes in 12x12 sheets or 6x6 sheets. Generally if it comes in 6x6 sheets you get more sheets per stack.  Always check the description in the catalogue or online to ascertain which size it is to avoid disappointment. 

DSP is usually double sided but some speciality papers are one sided, especially foiled or raised/textured designs so check the description carefully for this.

DSP will always have other products which co-ordinate with it throughout the Stampin' Up! range, including inks, ribbons, Stamp Sets and Dies or Punches. Check catalogue descriptions to see which colours are used or ask your demonstrator for advice on colour matching. Also think about contrasting and complimentary colours and accenting with things like foils, vellums, window sheets and such.

Stampin' Up! DSP is extremely good quality. It is as strong as some cardstock out there and can be used to make light weight gift boxes, it folds and scores really well without splitting, it is dyed throughout so does not create a white core look when cut, it cuts so well with the Stampin' Up! trimmer, it remains colour consistent, it sticks well with liquid or tapes. You can use a little for accents or larger pieces for whole projects. Like anything it can fade in direct sunlight so keep it well stored and stash it so that it doesn't kink or bend if possible.

Some DSP is non-directional so it doesn't matter which way you use it and some may be included in a themed pack, for Halloween projects say, but could be used for any other projects throughout the year and is there to complement or contrast with a specific Halloween paper, for example one covered in cobwebs.

When DSP is on offer always check the terms of the offer. For instance currently selected DSP is on a buy 3 packs get one free offer. Not every DSP pack is included, although there are a good few from the annual catalogue and a couple from the new Autumn and Winter supplement.  Also with this offer the cheapest of your four items is your free one. So if you have 2 stacks in your basket which cost £10 and two which cost £9, one of the £9 stacks will be free. Each of the 4 packs should be included in the offer to qualify for a freebie.

Current DSP Promotion
The only downside of DSP is that you can not buy a large quantity of a single design so if there is one sheet in a stack which you want to make dozens of projects with you will have to either get creative and think of other ways to achieve your look (self stamping onto plain cardstock for example) or buy lots of packs to get the design you want.

To grab cut price or free DSP do watch out for promotions such as Saleabration at the beginning of each year, keep an eye on the Clearance Rack where packs can be reduced by up to 50% or more and also watch out for retiring sales coming up to the new catalogue annual launch in June each year, but be quick retiring items tend to sell out fast. You can find the clearance rack by heading to my online store and clicking on Clearance Rack on the left side menu, it's near the top.

If there is a DSP which you want and find it has retired then do ask your demonstrator if she/he can source some for you, it helps to find it if you can identify the name of the stack or the year it was available in the catalogue, but don't worry if you can't, your demonstrator will have access to lots of information and resources to help track it down if they can. Check on resale sites such as Ebay and also check on Facebook groups as there are groups which are set up sepecifically to buy and sell retired Stampin' Up! goodies and some have ISO (In Search Of) threads where you can post what you are looking for.

Things to watch out for when buying from resale sites though are:

1. That the paper is genuine and hasn't been copied and just looks like the real thing. Copies rarely have the exact colour of the original so may not match up with coordinating items or be true to the real thing. Neither will the quality of the paper it is printed onto be the same.  Also copied papers are sometimes one sided when the original paper was double sided so you miss out on quality, consistency and really are buying an inferior product. Look for stacks which are unopened and in original packaging or buy from a demonstrator's own stash. Current stock should not be sold on resale by existing demonstrators, this is against their contract with Stampin' Up! and should be reported. It makes the competitive sales market uneven and unfair.
2. Stampin' Up! products are really good at holding value so you may find retired products are selling on resale for more than they were priced at in the original catalogue they appeared in. Stampin' Up! products can be highly sought after and this keeps the market value high so you may not get a bargain price and if you are getting a bargain price think about point 1 above. Of course this means that if you want to pass on some of your stash to make way for new loveliness or to raise some funds then you will maybe get a good return on your investment.

Hope you found this info useful.

Thanks for dropping in and if you have any questions fire away.

Have a good week.

Andrea x

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