Thursday, 12 October 2017

The Gift Is In The Giving

Some people find it difficult to be kind or to carry out acts of kindness at all and some find it hard to do so without there being something in it for them, choosing to use kindness as a tactic to get what they want, be that material gain or popularity.

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Kindness comes from charity of heart, it comes from not being able to resist helping or supporting or doing something with heart felt integrity purely for another person and for no personal gain. I believe kindness is an innate part of who we are, it's within our fabric and we can't deny it. We don't turn it on and off like a tap, we can't. When you find yourself exhausted from helping someone else and you wonder "Why did I even step in to do that?" it's usually because you're kind by nature and your kindness compelled you to do it for no reason than to do good. Similarly kind people don't select how their kindness is to be distributed they are just kind all of the time and see no border lines, they don't judge.

Kindness is rewarded not by gratitude or reciprocation, the world is too fickle for that, kindness is rewarded by the very act of genuine giving, it is the giving itself which rewards. It is the feeling of having done something on a prompting from somewhere inside yourself for no gain and possibly at a loss to yourself, the feeling of extending human love for no reason other than you felt it appropriate is the greatest reward and one of the most wonderfully warm accomplished feelings we can ever bestow upon ourselves. Doing that with no announcement or seeking any praise or accolade makes it all the more special.

As I put together my little cards to send out to strangers around the world today, as I selected the names and wrote the envelopes I'd made to pop rudimentary hand made cards into, edges not quite lined up, cutting a little big off straight, handwriting a little scrawly and as I walked to the post office in the cold with a strong wind whipping my hair into my face and as I handed over money I've
worked hard for to send them on their way out to Australia, Canada and the Unites States I felt a glow about me. I felt excited. I felt that I'd done something good. I'd been kind. I'd been giving. I'd accepted the call to be a good human being and until those little packets dropped out of my hands, through the slot I didn't realise that I was going to be rewarded like that for such a minimal task. So the reward was all the better. I didn't seek it and yet it came as it always does and each time catching me by surprise. So when I receive an envelope stuffed with only good thoughts or a message cheering me on I really do appreciate it and the genuine heartfelt kindness that went into it.

Value creativity and sharing. Value hand made projects filled with love. Value human kindness. In this world of selfish greed, rudeness and excess it is often easy to forget to take a second to love others and to gift ourselves with love. Take a moment to be kind to yourself.

Thanks for dropping in.

Andrea x

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