Friday, 27 October 2017

Severed Finger Party Food Basket

Don't be spooked I've not cut my finger off in an over zealous craft session, I've just made a cute little basket for Halloween party food.  This one is perfect for sweets or for what it was commissioned for, hot dog severed fingers.

I love it and on my You Tube channel you can see how I made it and have a look at the prototype too.

My customer loved them so much she asked for bigger ones without handles to put on her party table filled with other goulish goodies to go alongside these. I had such fun making them.

For this one you need to start with a piece of 8 x 8 inch paper or cardstock (Stampin' Up! Halloween papers were used for these and were perfect due to the fab quality of the paper). You also need an envelope punch board.

You pop your paper in up to the 2 inch mark on the left side, punch and score as far down as you can without falling off the punch board and then turn 90 degrees and repeat on all 4 sides.

Next turn your paper over and do the same again, you'll notice that your part finished score lines will now be completed.

Next move your paper into the punch board so that the score line to the left of the corners is lined up with the little notch on the punch board and don't punch here just use the guide to score a line across the corner joining together the two punched out sections on each corner of the paper.

Next round off your corners in the back of the punchboard.

Now choose a side and cut down the two long score lines either side of the corner piece to the first horizontal you come to and repeat on the opposite side of the paper. Leave the other two sides uncut.

Now you draw together the two outer flaps (to the left and right of where you cut your vertical lines) and glue them together to create the basket shape.

Now take the flap which you are left with and glue that over the side and edge of the basket to finish off the sides.

Now fold in the two end flaps and glue down and that's it finished!

If you want to add a handle then take a 10 inch strip of cardstock or DSP and fix it to either side of your basket, a half inch to an inch should do for the width. I stamped the little spider from the Little Things stamp set onto a serviette for added spooky fun.

If you don't understand these instructions head to my You Tube channel and watch it being made in my own inimitable style... i.e unpolished and unrehearsed

Thanks for dropping by have a great weekend!

Andrea x

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