Saturday, 14 October 2017

De-activated Blog Lovin

I recently joined Bloglovin to make it easier for people to find my blogs but I've just had to deactivate my account and here's why...

Bloglovin kind of takes over. It's like a pushy older sister who knows best who just gets in on your act.
We're saying no to the love

I found that I couldn't stop Bloglovin making multiple posts to my Twitter feed, something I prefer to control myself and also I read a lot of worrying stories about Bloglovin and how they sap your site visitors by posting your content and negating the need for visitors to actual click onto your site and also stories of content theft.

I decided to deactivate and found out that when you deactivate your followers disappear and your account is gone BUT your blog will forever be featured on Bloglovin. That's pretty crap it's like a hijack.

So while I figure out how to remove my blogs from Bloglovin I'll put it down to experience that I should have found all this out  before I signed up really, my blog was doing pretty well without it and I wish I'd just left things as they were.

Sometimes what seems like a fantastic idea is not all that it seems and whilst some people may enjoy prolific repetitive Tweets I don't.

So Bye Bye Bloglovin' it was fun while it lasted.

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