Monday, 4 September 2017

Mass Production Survival

Every now and then (more often for some of us) a paper crafter will get a bulk order for cards, wedding invitations or whatever... the details don't matter, it's the volume that I want to talk about.

At first I guess it's every card maker's dream for someone to see your work and think it's that amazing that they want YOU to make them their invitations or whatever. There are a number of behavioural stages which the newly commissioned, sometimes quite novice paper crafter goes through before they can start the work.

1. Sheer flabberghastery that someone likes your work that much (let's face it we all play our skills down and are our own best critics)
2. Raised heart rate often coupled with slight perspiration as we leap about excitedly, phone in hand texting our kids, partners, parents.. anyone who will listen to prove that our 'expensive hobby' really is WORK rather than play and this is the proof we've waited for
3. RMA (Rapid Mental Arithmetic) to work out (and stress over) how much stock we need, if we have it, if we can get it and how much to charge the customer. I'm not sure I've met a crafter yet who knew what to charge before their first commission came in, single or multiple.
4. Near Depressive Slump as we worry about making things as perfect as they look in our photos and questioning if they will stand up to the scrutiny of the Great Aunts as their invitations drop through the letter box. Not to mention our complete and total belief that we are about to destroy someone's happiest day by not applying enough glue to prevent embellishment shedding in the envelopes.

These stages have to be passed through before you can actually start the work. Don't worry it's perfectly normal. To help you through here are the survival tips. Follow these and it should all work out just fine.

Well done to those of you who made it to the end and spotted the mistakes I made in my mass production of tips images. What happened to tip 3? Also an empty sippy cup turned into and empty sippy cup... so I guess a final parting tip is to say always check your work thoroughly especially dates, names and spellings.

Hope you found this useful.

Andrea x

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