Saturday, 12 August 2017

Super Cute Bootie Box

When wearing one of my other hats I own and run and do most of the making for my gift business Crafty Little Things. I not only love to make gorgeous little gifts mostly crocheted items or candles/wax melts amongst other things but I love to ensure they are packaged beautifully. I create custom packaging on request but even the standard packaging is off the scale largely because I love making it and also because I only use fantastic Stampin' Up! products to make it with.

The colour coordination through from papers and cardstock to inks and ribbons takes away the breath of my clients and stamping creates a world of unique possibilities for me to pass on to my customers who of course deserve the very best.

I wouldn't dream of boring you with every box and bag I make but thought I'd share with you a bootie box I made recently because a) I love it and b) It shows off the 2017-19 In-Colour Powder Pink beautifully.

Powder Pink is such a soft, subtle almost peachy pink and I just love it. Here you can see how the gorgeous ribbon coordinates so well with the hand stamped Whisper White and the Powder Pink cardstock used for the main structure of the box. The cardstock itself is such fabulous quality, I love how the camera has picked up the almost fabric like quality of the finish, even after being passed through trimmers and having folds scored and burnished. 

Stampin' Up! has a number of baby themed stamp sets and here I combined two, the current Moon Baby and a retired one Sweetest Gift (I know this is quite widely available on resale sites). I almost forgot that I also added in the nappy pin stamp from Better Together too. If you are looking for baby themed sets they are all placed near one another on the same few pages of the catalogue from page 102 onward to make life easier for you. However as with most themes you will find other stamp sets include sentiments or images which could fit your theme which do not fall into a specific main category so do look around the catalogue when you want something perfect for your project.

I layered up the sentiment, stamping it in Powder Pink but using simple rectangles decreasing in size starting off by punching the base rectangle using the scalloped tag topper punch which is a demonstrator's favourite due to its versatility. I stuck with the Whisper White and Powder Pink theme for the sentiment stack and layered them together using dimensionals.
I didn't stop on the outside of the box either which I constructed using Tombow liquid adhesive which not only gives a fabulous long lasting hold but also allows seconds to readjust if you are a bit clumsy when it comes to lining things up (like me). My daughter who is very sensitive to smells also pointed out something I'd not even realised when she did a bit of crafting with me and that is that Tombow is odourless unlike some craft glues. I'd been using it for forever and hadn't even noticed that about it. It's also acid and lignin free so great for photos and scrapbooking and it is very reasonably priced with Stampin' Up!

On the inside I wrapped the gorgeous little baby booties in white tissue paper which I'd stamped using some of the same images from the outside of the box as well as the twinkle twinkle stamps from the Moon Baby set using Powder Pink to give a little touch of luxurious coordination with the outside of the box.

Just a tip when stamping tissue paper - the ink can transfer through so always stamp on top of a surface protector and also the ink can take a second or two to dry as tissue can be a little greasy on the surface and so won't absorb the ink instantly as Stampin' Up! cardstock is designed to do. So be careful not to smudge and don't wrap your gift in it until it has had chance to dry to avoid transference of ink.  If you do get some ink seep through your tissue onto your desk or table top it is waterbased so will wipe off quite easily.

Hope you've enjoyed this detailed look at the products, making them the focus rather than the finished article. I'll be including more of these product showcase type posts as well as tutorials in the future.  Sometimes there will be cross over between my other crafts and my Stampin' Up! stuff and I won't apologise for that simply because it's through my other crafting that I came to Stampin' Up! in the first place because I found it to be the best papercrafting brand around to use in making my packaging. So for me all of the crafts I enjoy serve each other in some kind of harmonious, stress busting way.

Thanks for dropping in, as ever everything current is linked below. Give me a shout if you have any problems or questions.

Have a great weekend!

Andrea x

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