Monday, 28 August 2017

I love a good RAK

Did the title get you wondering? "What is a RAK" I hear you ask, well it's a Random Act of Kindness that's what it is. It's doing something spontaneously to cheer up someone, send them some love, let them know they are being thought of... whatever. It can be a gift, a call, a visit, help with a chore and in the paper crafting world it is often a card. Hand made and sent out of the blue to bring a little cheer to a fellow crafter's day.

You must know that it often feels better for the person who carries out the RAK than for the person who receives it right? It's so true, even though making yourself feel good isn't and shouldn't be your motive for doing something good for someone else, you do definitely reap the rewards too. So carrying out a RAK is a great win win activity which raises the happiness levels in two people.

Lovely colours from Anne-Marie and Amber

More than that though, making cards or other products to send to people really does help you to keep creating and trying things out and challenging yourself with your craft and every time you create a new piece of work you will learn something even if that is just growing closer to perfecting a technique.

What's more nobody will judge your RAK. How could they? So it doesn't need to be perfect or elaborate. Simple is good, flaws are human.

Great advice from Fiona

I think we all carry out RAKs  in our own little way BUT we often don't think about them or we don't acknowledge that's what they were or the impact they had on someone else's life. Perhaps that's the real beauty of them... that we do them just because and they don't need any acknowledgement. For many of us being kind is just a way of life that we give no real thought to.

Many of us can feel uncomfortable if someone does something kind for us and I guess those are the people who need a little love bomb the most, those who are not used to having people be kind, loving or nice to them, those who rarely feel reached out to. Part of receiving kindness is to reciprocate it in some way, pay it forward or just allow ourselves to feel gratitude and the fuzzy warmness that comes from having something good done for us just because.

Sally nails it with this card

If you feel like you could use some more people to deliver RAKs too, if you feel like you could do with a kick up the behind to make sure you dig into the kindness sack and pull out some random acts now and then you could join a RAK group. If that's a crafting RAK group even better because you get to make other people smile and feed off the feel good. Plus you get to improve your skills and you get little RAKs dropping through your door to catch you unawares and make you warm inside because someone somewhere is thinking of you. We all need that postal joy to combat the promotional flyers and marketing mail shots.

Keila and Samantha with variations on a theme

I'm a member of a Stampin' Up! demonstrator's RAK group which you can join if you're a demonstrator, if you're not a demonstrator and want to be (for either fun and discounts or for a business opportunity) then let me know and I can help you with that. But there are other RAK groups out there and if you can't find one for you, start one!

Love this design by Samantha
The images throughout this post have been of RAK cards I've received from the lovely fellow demos in the RAK group I'm in and were made using gorgeous Stampin' Up! products. I've provided links back to their blogs where possible so you can go and check out the wonderful work these fab people create.

Give it a go. In this world where kindness seems to be disappearing you can help keep it alive by doing your little bit.

Have a great weekend.

Andrea x

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  1. Oh my goodness Andrea - what a fabulous post - I loved seeing everyone's RAK cards, and mine too. It's a simple thing to do but it brings so much pleasure - thanks for being part of it x


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